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Specialised SIV Paragliding School

Our Teaching System

Go2Fly is a small professional school specialized in SIV courses, with modern philosophies of paragliding teaching.

Your level and your motivations

Beginner or competition pilot, it’s never too early and never too late for an SIV course !

Why SIV course :

– to be more confortable in flight

– to explore and understand the flight range of your glider

– to understand and manage different maneuvers or incidents with the glider

– to regain confidence after an incident or a flight accident   

– to access acro

– to get familiar with your new glider

– to prepare the competition season of cross and have more performance

Your equipment:

— Homologated glider in good condition (for non-homologated glider contact us)

– Harness

– Rescue (folded in the last 12 months)

– Helmet

– Fully charged Radio with headsets (if you do not have earphones, we can lend you some models, contact us)

Requirements :

– take-off and landing autonomy

– paragliding third party liability insurance

Our equipment

Our specific professional equipment, carefully chosen to meet our requirements, is there to guarantee maximum safety, educational efficiency,. but also your comfort.

Hydrostatique lifejacket Plastimo 275N (CO2 cartridges included) -> the only model that keeps the airway clear for an unconscious pilot – according to DHV test.

Waterproof bag for your radio.

Several models of earphones for your radios.

Safety boat

Zodiac, 15HP engine, with scale to facilitate the climb if needed

Max speed: 35-40 km/h

Shuttle 9 places

double side doors

air conditioning in front and behind

arm-rests between seats

4K digital video recording with x125 optical zoom (3000mm equivalent) on a Manfrotto professional video tripod with nitrotech head.


TV 4K diagonal 165 cm

With the digital zoom, your brake pulley is visible even at 1000m above the lake!

Harness hang-system to simulate all your exercises, directly at the landing.

Taurpaulin (cover) to place your glider dry if the grass is wet, and fast packing bag to optimize time and reduce fatigue.

Video analysis directly at the landing place between the flights if the weather allows.

Briefing SIV entre les vols

Quality pedagogical correction due to the video analysis, in order not to reproduce the same mistskes again.

Educational Videos

In double view (outside / pilot) to prepare well each exercise.

Visible also between flights at the landing.

Our classroom!

Inside the campsite Sandaya La Nubliere, the tent GO2FLY 4m x 8m only 150m from the landing SIV.

Course schedule

On the eve of the course

  • Meeting at out tent GO2FLY in the campsite Sandaya La Nubliere, the day before the course, at 18H.
    For reasons of organization, safety and pedagogy, it is imperative to be present for this first briefing!
  • Checking the proper extraction of the emergency parachute on our harness hang-system.
  • Distribution of lifejackets, earphones and waterproof bags for your radios.
  • Briefing with video support: presentation of the evolution zone and the landing, safety instructions, reserve parachute, progression and exercises to realize.
  • End of the briefing around 20H.

During the SIV course we are in the Sandaya La Nublière campsite (next to the SIV landing). Briefings and debriefings take place there. If you come from far away, we advise you to stay in this campsite to have a more comfortable stay. 

Website camping Sandaya La Nubliere

The day of the course

  • Meeting at 7H30-8H.
  • Briefing again on the exercises that will be performed. 
  • Exercises in flight made over the lake, with a safety boat ready to intervene.
  • 3 flights a day will be made to the maximum.
  • Between flights, on the landing site,  analysis of the flight performed and preparation of the next flight.
  • At the end of the day, video analysis of each pilot’s flights (possibility to get your SIV videos – free of chage).
  • Mental imagery session
  • End of the day around 18h.

Schedules can be changed depending on the weather.

Calendar and reservation

  • Our SIV courses can take place over two or three days (usually two days on weekends and three days on weekdays).
  • SIVs on weekdays are from Tuesday to Thursday with Friday as a reserve day in case of bad weather.
  • Groups are limited to 8 people maximum.

We still have some free spots for 21-24 May, 8-11 October and 12-13 October. On the other dates we will probably have some cancellations, so don’t hesitate to contact us so we can put you on our waiting list.

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